2D/3D Magnets

2D/3D Magnets


Product ID: P-102

Product Specifications/Features:

1. Ever-changing! A breakthrough that turns the table of conventional plain printing, creates a wonderful world of 3D magnets.


2. New products! New creation! There is pattern there is diversified and superb advertising effect.


3. Customized patterns and designs.


4. This product can be directly attached on any iron-made


 5. All products shown are for reference. Reproduction is subject to logo        owner's written authorization.

Additional Information:

  • FOB Port: Keelung, Taiwan
  • Copyright:
    • OEM/ODM Product
    • Branded Product
    • Buyer's Label Offered

Contact Details

  • Address: No.29, Lane 268, Hsin-Su Rd., Hsin Chuang Dist, New Taipei City 242, Taiwan
  • Sales Contact: Hans
  • Tel: 886-2-25982876
  • Fax: 886-2-22042993 / 886-2-25982716
  • E-mail: hans@furongmagnet.com