Anisotropy (Professional Type)

Anisotropy (Professional Type)


Product ID: K-815

Product Specifications/Features:

  1. Initiating the top super strong magnetic force exclusively, high quality, apply to the daily special use and overload heavy, is sucking, fixing using.
  2. Advanced different side material by special to make, make having a super strong magnetic force characteristic most.
  3. Can carry the glue with carry the glue, can also washing type, it is constant to cut, increase the convenient using.
  4. Suitable for reaction of the air cylinder, door shelf, magnetism reed switch, etc. to use specially.
  5. The load that must be ultra , sucking , fixing using, for instance: Outdoor signboard, bill-board , go walking advertisement , supporter , knife rest , better magnetism of books and newspapers insert etc. at a high speed.


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